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Who is
Ultimate Computer Software?

The Ultimate Computer Software is a company that creates top-quality Automated Business Solutions. This is accomplished by our highly skilled team of Business Consultants, Accountants, Software Engineers and Technicians who were brought together to create custom, automated business solutions for businesses of any size.
Our goal is to create complete automated business solutions, not simply computer programs. To accomplish this, a full understanding of the client's needs is necessary, future needs as well as current needs. Only after we have a firm grasp of our clients needs, will we begin programming.
Ultimate has created a powerful programming framework in Microsoft Visual FoxPro that we use in many of our projects. This allows us to create full featured, robust systems in short order. We also have expertise in HTML, Java & PHP for Web applications along with Visual C++, SQL Server and other programming languages. Our ability to combine these technologies allows us to create solutions that are simply superior because the most appropriate tool is used for each part of the project. Additionally, our Automated Business Solutions take advantage of the most recent stable technologies to leverage and integrate with the World Wide Web. Our programs can be used on your local computer to update 'Web Pages' with the click of a button. Never before has this high level of technology been made so readily available and simple to use. Again, we create the Ultimate in complete Automated Business Solutions, not just custom software programs.
Due to the wide range of talents at the Ultimate, we are not limited to just the creation of custom software. We can also provide a full range of hardware, software, networking, consulting and web services. Your web site can be simple or very elaborate. Call us for more information on web sites or go to our Automated Business Solutions page and see what products we are currently offering that will help to make your enterprise more profitable.
If your business has special needs that are not being served by "off the rack" software, please call us and we can discuss a tailor made answer today! Contact us, we have the skills that you need at an affordable price to help make your enterprise more profitable. Why pay a high price to keep technical people on staff when we can provide you with what you need without having the constant downstream costs of keeping an employee.
Integrated Program Modules Include:

Funeral Management
PreNeed Management
Prayer Cards & Memorial Folders
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Competition Tracking
Contact Management

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Who is Ultimate Computer Software?
Funeral Home Management Software
Newspaper Death Notices & Obituaries
Funeral Caskets & Cremation Urns
Integrated Small Business Accounting Software
Death Records and Vital Statistics

The Ultimate Computer Software
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