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Dear Paul,

Groff Funeral Homes would like to commend you on your funeral software. We have been using Ultra since January 2003. You have dilligently worked with us over the past year to customize your software to our specific needs. As you are aware we really tried to make things difficult for your team because we are a multi-funeral home user and we are extremely happy with the results of your efforts.

We find the software very user friendly. All the information needed is in the program, one just has to follow the format to complete the details. Once the necessary informationis entered, all required funeral forms could easily be printed, from State Certified Death Certificates to the final funeral invoice, as well as many other forms. This definitely reduces the time involved in processing funeral paperwork.

The most important feature from my point of view is the accounting package. Ultra is totally intergrated and includes everything that are necessary to complete year-end processing, from G/L results to Payroll W-2 information.

The Staff is very friendly and is always available when problems arise. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, they can be contacted to help solve any questions or problems that we encounter.

One of the things that pushed us away from our previous software was support and timeliness of corrective action. We highly recommend Ultra software and their supportive staff to any funeral home looking to either upgrade an obsolete funeral program or implement a new funeral system.

Richard H. Jeffrey
F.Leo Groff, Inc.
Groff Funeral Homes
Sandusky, Ohio

Our experience with the support staff at Ultimate Computer Software has been excellent. When problems arise, there is an immediate response to the difficulty, with resolution in a timely manner. This was NOT our experience with our previous support providers. I have only the highest praise for the manner in which the staff attends to our problems.

Maria Benedict
Westchester Funeral Home
Eastchester, New York

I wish to advise that we have used Ultimate Computer Company for support with our Program and have been very satisfied. The staff are very courteous and helpful with any problems that may arise whether it is a discussion on the telephone or on-line help.

Doug White
White's Funeral Home
Neepawa, Manitoba

Just a short note to express my satisfaction with your company's (Ultimate Computer Software) prompt attention to our recent software difficulties. They (Ultimate Computer Software) took the time to listen to our problem without jumping to conclusions about its cause. Further, their product knowledge made our downtime very brief and relatively painless. All in all I'm very satisfied with their service.

Gregory W. Pfleger
John F. Pleger Funeral Home Inc.
Middletown, New Jersey

This is to inform you that as a user of Funeral Home Management Software, last fall I signed up with Ultimate Computer Software Inc. for support for my software program. Since the main people involved with the design of my software are now the main people with Ultimate Computer, it only seemed practical that I make the switch. Not only have they done an outstanding job of support for the Funeral Home Management Software program, but if I had any problems with my computer or other programs they willingly helped me with those too.

Recently I purchased a new up to date computer and the staff at Ultimate Computer was more than helpful at getting it set up -- not just the funeral software, but many other problems that occur when you transfer programs and files from one hard drive to another. Thank you Ultimate Computer Software, Inc.

Dan Weber, Owner
Weber Funeral Home
Lisbon, Ohio

I am very pleased since switching to Ultimate Computer Software to support my software. They are very knowledgeable and conscious of time. They realize that a timely, effective solution is very important in our industry and that is what we need.

Sherri Santos
McGowan, Reid-Santos Funeral Home
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Please note, these testimonials are what our customers have to say about our service and support.

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