Here are a few sites that may be of some interest to you. They provide information and updates for products and services that you may be using each and every day.

Memorials Online

Memorials Online is dedicated to providing access to a broad range of funeral, bereavement and sympathy related services through partnering with experts in the funeral services industry. Memorials Online helps families create meaningful Internet Memorial Tributes in an open, accessible environment for friends and family around the world to celebrate the lives of loved ones. The intent of Memorials Online is to be world's most complete Internet Memorial Tribute resource available. Memorials Online develops partnerships with funeral homes, software companies and newspapers worldwide to allow them to make available the most complete Memorial Publishing Service on the Web today.


CNet is one of the premier information sites on the Internet. It is a fantastic tool for you to find out what is hot and what is not or what the latest news in the computer industry is. This site will keep you aware and informed of all the latest developments in the world of technology and the internet.


Well we all know what Microsoft does and we all know what they can do in terms of software. However, we suggest you have a look at their knowledge bases and technical support information sites. They have a very large amount of information that can be very useful when you are experiencing difficulties. Also they always have updates to their products that are released all the time.

If you are a looking for a piece of software to meet your needs then is the place to visit. It is a large database of software links that allows you to download both shareware and commercial software demos.


Brainbench is a widely accepted online skill testing web site. They specialize in tests that allow you to judge the skill levels of the person taking the test. Typically Brainbench tests and certifications are the perfect tool to use in order to judge a candidate for a job. In the interview send them to Brainbench and have them take a test and you will know the truth about their skill level. And best of all, the tests are free, at least for a limited time.


Tek-Tips is a great site. It will allow you to setup a profile of yourself and topics that you are interested in. Once you have done that you can view messages and ask questions in an online forum, much like the one provided by The Ultimate Computer Software and be able to get helpful information from the people that know (besides us).

Abbott and Hast

Abbott and Hast is the largest site we have seen so far that has links and guides for people in the Death Care industry. If you have a web page and are a part of the death care industry you should make sure to get a link on their page. is a site with a lot of information for Embalmers. Some of the nice features of this site include an online chat for embalmers every Sunday night at 9 PM EDT. They also have a signup for the Embalmer's EGroup newsletter, as well as other useful newsletters for those that are in the death care industry.

Skips Funeral Links

One of the better funeral industry links pages on the Internet. An excellent resource for funeral homes looking for web sites of suppliers and the like.

SeekOn/St Catharines

SeekOn is one of the best localized web directories out there. It is organized by regions and cities and offers localized links to business and individuals in the area.

KeyRidge Funeral Urns

Cremation urns manufactured in hardwood. Quality craftsmanship featuring attractive and elegant design.

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