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The following products are either completed or under development at this time:

The Ultimate Funeral Software:

The Ultimate Funeral Software is the ultimate choice for funeral homes who are looking for new or looking to replace their old Funeral Home Management Software. The Ultimate Funeral Software allows the user to record information regarding a funeral or prearrangement and in doing so perform the bookkeeping procedures without having any knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting. The Ultimate Funeral Software is completely integrated and does the work of a bookkeeper for you.

Funeral Management
PreNeed Management
Prayer Cards & Memorial Folders
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Competition Tracking
Contact Management

(Note: To receive a free demo C.D. of the Software, please click on the following link and provide full address information)

The Ultimate Web Obituary Generator

The Ultimate Web Obit Generator allows a funeral home to automatically generate obituary/newspaper notices and easily post them to a web page or email them to the local newspapers. This is a revolutionary new tool because The Ultimate Web Obituary Generator works automatically with the Ultimate Funeral Software or can be adapted to any Funeral Home Management Software on the market today, including The Director's Assistant, Mortware and Midway Accounting. This revolutionary software is currently being distributed as part of Ultra's Advanced Level of Funeral Software. One mouse click is all it takes to generate a tasteful, and professionally designed online memorial.

The Ultimate Work In Progress (WIP) Software:

The Ultimate WIP software allows manufacturing firms to track their WIP inventory and batch runs. It provides detailed reporting that will aid manufacturing companies in developing hyper-accurate job costing, overhead, direct labor and direct materials costing information. This is the tool that your management Accountants (or Controllers) have been looking for.

The Ultimate Working Paper Generator (WPG)

Currently under redevelopment (09/01/2002)

The Ultimate WPG will allow accountants to automatically generate working papers from their clients accounting software. This will aid the accountant in reducing the amount of time it takes for them to perform an audit or review of their client's financial transactions.

The Ultimate Computer Software
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