Ultra Payroll Program

The Ultra Payroll Program

The Ultra Payroll Program is a unique information system. It works equally well as a standalone payroll management system, integrated with Ultra and it's general ledger or with the general ledger of our competitor's software.

No matter how you want to use the Ultra Payroll Program you can easily prepare payroll checks for any pay period, (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly) hourly and salary, regular hours and overtime hours. Additionally, with the cooperation of your financial institution we can easily integrate the Ultra Payroll Program to work with the direct deposit payroll capabilities of your financial institution.

You will be able to print all kinds of payroll reports and forms including: T4's in Canada, 1099's, Form 950, and W2's in the US. We make regular updates as Federal, State, Province and local income taxes change. It also supports payroll summaries that you can print for internal use or distribute to your employees when needed. Try the Ultra Payroll Program today and see a truly flexible payroll program in action for you.

Integrated Modules Include:

Funeral Management
PreNeed Management
Prayer Cards & Memorial Folders
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Competition Tracking
Contact Management

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