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July 1, 2002

In addition to Tabbed Windows for editing your funeral information, we have Full Screen editing windows. This permits for easier data entry for those who prefer the keyboard to the mouse. With either style, you can hide various fields in the information screens that you do not require. Each user can set the editing style they prefer.

Do you incur problems when filling out your preprinted state forms because some fields are not aligned correctly? At Ultimate we recognize that all printers do not print the same. Thus we have created the state forms adjuster that simplifies alignment. You can move individual fields or all fields at the same time. Are there fields you do not wish to print? With our state form adjuster, simply double click with your mouse and you disable or enable them.

Now available for the funeral program is a module for Basic Donation Tracking. With this module, not only can you track donations but also print a list for the family as well as reports for the different charities

July 1, 2001

Ultra by Ultimate Computer Software has been written with three concepts in mind-ease of use, speed, and true value for the dollar. Ultra basic level encompasses Funeral Management, Pre-Arrangement Management, Cash Disbursements, and General Ledger.

The basic Pre-Arrangement system interacts smoothly with the Funeral system, plus it handles trust tracking and reporting for most jurisdictions. The basic General Ledger system allows you to control not only the chart of accounts but also the format of your chart of account numbers- up to 10 digits in a format of your choosing. The Cash Disbursements module allows you to record and/or print checks for vendors and suppliers. In addition to the Basic Level, there are Intermediate and Advanced Levels of each module-with each building onto the previous level. As you move up from the basic level of Cash Disbursements you pick up all of the features of a true Accounts Payable system. This tiered approach to program selection allows you to choose the capabilities that you need, in the modules that you need them.

Standard to the basic funeral program are:

  • Full pick list support for recurring items(Churches, Cities, Hospitals, etc.)
  • Simultaneous Case Editing (you can actually edit more than one case at a time on the same computer)
  • Fully customizable funeral charges and cash advance set up linked directly to the general ledger
  • Search and Sort Capabilities
  • A large array of preset forms from which to choose-Invoices, Clergy Records, Funeral Records, Contracts, Statements of Account
  • Laser reproducible federal and state forms (where permitted)
  • Accounts Receivable Tracking and reporting.

    Also available for the funeral program is a module for Prayer Cards, Register Books, and Memorial Folders. This module is also available in an intermediate version, which allows for the user to create custom layouts.

    One of the truly unique features of the Ultra system is that it is network ready -you do not need to purchase multi-user licenses in order to be able to use the program on a local or wide-area network. For companies that have branch locations, there is a one time set up charge for the extra branches as long as they are part of the same legal entity and the program is housed at one central location.

    June 1, 2000

    The Ultimate Computer Software has announced today that it will be looking to develop a quality business solution for Funeral Homes. The Ultimate Computer Software is currently developing "The Ultimate Funeral Software" a quality solution for those who are seeking a fully functional and effective way to manage their funeral homes with the use of a software package.

    The Ultimate Funeral Software is being developed by a team of programmers, systems analysts, and accountants from both public and private practice. The system will be offered in 3 levels, Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. Each new level containing all the features of the previous level as well as many new features that a funeral home may need.

    The Ultimate Funeral Software offers a system that will allow the user to go from original data entry regarding a funeral case to the year end financial statements simply and easily. The Accounting features of the program are entirely integrated at all 3 levels meaning that you, the user will not have to process journal entries the old fashioned way, instead The Ultimate Funeral Software will process most of your journal entries for you.

    In conjunction with this announcement, The Ultimate Computer Software is also announcing that they are offering support services to software users for various packages including Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and even other Funeral Home Management Software.

    The Ultimate Computer Software
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