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Managing Funeral Cases with Ultra

Management of your funeral cases has never been easier. Other funeral management software claims that it is flexible and can adapt to your needs, however, can it change itself on the fly? Ultra can, and more to the point, Ultra can personalize itself to the preferences of every person in your organization. Some people like tabbed-windows, others prefer to do their data entry in one long, continuous page so that they don't have to use the mouse. Ultra can accommodate the preferences of these people at the same time. Ultra is "The Ultimate" in flexible funeral management software, it adapts to you, you do not have to adapt to it.

Entering, referring to, and looking up funeral cases has never been an easier task. Why should you have to use a menu to tell your software to sort your cases by last name rather than by funeral number? Or by city of death rather than last name? With Ultra , you simply click on the top of the column, and your information will be sorted by that column. Why should searching through funeral cases be complicated? Do you know who you are looking for by last name or funeral number? Then sort by that field and begin typing what you know. As you type the program takes you to the person or people that you want to see.

Funeral Management made easy by Ultra. The new way to do things in funeral management software, YOUR WAY! Even if your way means you have to open more than one funeral case at a time.

Integrated Program Modules Include:

Funeral Management
PreNeed Management
Prayer Cards & Memorial Folders
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Competition Tracking
Contact Management

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