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Attention: After over 20 years in Business Ultimate Computer Software will be closing as a result of the death of one of its founders. Annual and hourly support agreements currently in place will still be honoured.

Funeral home software has taken on an exciting dimension with the release of Ultra by Ultimate Computer Software, Inc. This latest addition to the pool of funeral home software packages is the first truly revolutionary system to be released since the advent of Microsoft's Windows 95 operating system. While all the other funeral home software programs talk about innovation and ease of use, none delivers in those areas like Ultra.

Our At-Need and Pre-Need entry screens come in two flavors - Tabbed Window and Full Screen - and each user can choose their own flavor, a feature that no other funeral home software provides. We also allow a user to have multiple case files open at the same time. This means that while you are entering a new case you can open up an existing case file to answer a question without having to close the new case file. The ability to open multiple files at the same time is not limited to case files. You can also open any of these other screens - Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Pre-Need, or the optional Payroll Manager without losing your place in the At-Need file.

Most of the other funeral home software packages on the market require you to purchase modules of their program based on function - At-Need Database, Pre-Need Database, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Price List, Inventory, and General Ledger - and they charge you for each function. Some funeral home software packages require you to purchase these extra modules at a hefty price even if you don't want them. If your business requirements dictate that you need to have multiple users or multiple locations, then those other funeral home software packages require the purchase of a network license, again at hefty price.

Ultra has eliminated the need to select your program based on functionality desired. There are only three versions of Ultra- Getting Started, Getting Serious, and The Total Manager. Each version is network ready so there's no need to pay for multi-user or network licenses. The only extra charge in Ultra is when you have multiple locations, and even then the price is very reasonable. At the entry-level price of $1,199 US (includes Prayer Cards-Memorial Folders)/ $999 CDN for the 'Getting Started' version you have a complete funeral home software system ready to handle case and financial reporting regardless of whether you have one location or multiple locations. Each version comes complete with At-Need Database, Pre-Need Database, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Price List, Inventory, and General Ledger. As you upgrade to 'Getting Serious' or 'Total Manager' versions of the various modules you get more features and more reporting, but the 'Getting Started' system is fully functional for most funeral homes.

Integrated Program Modules Include:

Funeral Management
PreNeed Management
Prayer Cards & Memorial Folders
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Competition Tracking
Contact Management

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